Welcome to my sports cards wantlist.  I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and have a look. 

This front page is a slow work in progress.  I've had this same look seemingly forever.  It's pretty old-school - at some point I need to make it way more visually appealing.  For right now, this is what you get!

The site is dedicated to one of my passions in life, old baseball, football and basketball cards.  The condition of the vast majority of my collection is best described as "well-loved", meaning that a once pristine card at some point might have been put in a kid's back pocket, or his wallet, or tacked to his wall, or used in his spokes to make his bike sound like a Harley.  Or maybe it was somehow altered with pen, pencil, crayon, sandpaper, glue, water, darts or a hole punch.  Maybe it had a new team name written in after the player was traded.  Or the player now sports a moustache, beard or birth-control glasses. Many of my cards have round corners, missing corners, more creases than Grandpa's face or have been ripped/cut and taped back together.

I have been a proud member of OBC (oldbaseballcards.com) since 1996.  My collection would be a pale shadow of what it is if it wasn't for the invaluable help from the OBC membership.  We are a group of collectors/traders who collect for the sheer love of old cardboard and the friendships that have developed because of that mutual love.  If you'd like to know more about "collecting the way it should be", please head over to the site and check it out.

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